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Cele mai bune universități pentru MBA Programe în Jamaica 2023

Numărul de instituții: 8
    • Kingston

    Oferim cursuri profesionale scurte și Pathways către diploma internațională de licență și masterat. Suntem înregistrați în cadrul Ministerului Educației cu numărul de înregistrare nr. IS / 02/241/2003.

    • New Kingston
    • Mandeville
    • May Pen
    • + 3 Mai mult

    Misiunea Universității din Commonwealth Caribbean Global (UCC Global) este de a face din învățământul superior de calitate o posibilitate pentru studenții calificați la nivel global, regional și internațional. UCC Global este o instituție de învățământ de talie mondială, cu facultăți internaționale înalt calificate și calificate, cu experiențe diverse, oferind programe excepționale 100% online.

    • Kingston

    With a unique assimilation of graduate teaching and research, SALISES offers two excellent programmes at the MSc and MPhil/ Ph.D. levels. The courses are mainly delivered by research fellows with a strong history of research and excellent teaching. Conceptualized and implemented by former Director Professor Brian Meeks, SALISES has become known for its inter-faculty and inter-campus research clusters which examine social, political and economic issues facing small island developing states.

    • Kingston

    The University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) is the External Quality Assurance (EQA) body for tertiary education in Jamaica. It is a statutory body currently under the portfolio of the Ministry of Education Youth and Information.

    • Kingston
    • Montego Bay

    The University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech,Ja.), formerly the College of Arts, Science and Technology is located within the Greater Kingston Metropolitan Region in the parish of St. Andrew and occupies approximately 18.2 hectares.

    • Kingston

    The historical significance of the Mico embodies a tradition of resilience, endurance and relevance especially in the 21st century.

    • Kingston

    The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMCVPA) is known for a rich tradition of excellence in the arts, and the ONLY choice for higher education in the visual and performing arts, and arts management.

    • New Orleans
    • Kingston

    The University of New Orleans is a comprehensive urban research university committed to providing educational excellence to a diverse undergraduate and graduate student body.